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Recover |Reclaim | Unleash

your power.

your Self.

your life.

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Deep self-knowing, self-acceptance, and integration are the keys to FREEDOM-- wholeness, wholehearted living, authenticity, and individuality.

Finding and being your true self - in all its beauty - through the process of healing is exactly what I'm here to promote.









  1. You matter!

2. There is no "one" way or "right" way to live your life.

3. Growth is always possible.

4. Awareness is key to any sort of change, growth, or progress.

5. Strategy is the name of the game. - A strategist is a conqueror. -

6. Your perspective works as a filter in your life at every single moment in time.

7. The power (to do or be anything) already exists in you... It only needs to be unleashed.

8. All things in life come from one of two sources - love or fear.

The source determines the trajectory.

9. The past has happened, but it doesn't define you (unless you decide it does).

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Chrystal Roberts, LPC, LPCS

I see no better opening for this than in the way and words of Rumi -

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there..."

I am a human who has always been (and always will be) in avid pursuit of self-development, self-actualization, individuation, and ownership of all that is to be discovered within me. I've spent my life in pursuit of those things for myself and in the promotion and advocacy of those pursuits for others.

My own pursuit began from efforts to understand my life riddled with complex trauma and rebuild myself outside of it. There is no one-size-fits-all, and there is no clear cut path. I've endured many curveballs. I've experienced growth only to stumble and be faced with the choice to get up again. Pressures of conformity repeatedly showed up making it harder to rise and walk the growth line again-- the more I grew, the less I could live as a version of myself dictated by others. Embracing nonconformity involves frictions as you color outside the lines. Friction endured time and again becomes tiring. It takes a warrior to keep fighting. If you've been in this fight at all in your life, I know you know what I mean. I've continued to choose that finding and protecting my peace is worth the temporary discomfort to be endured along the way.

I know there are many people who are like me in having duality of experiences along these paths-- people who are dedicated to their growth and creative pursuits, and also people who feel isolated by them. I want to unite us and serve as encouragement for us all to continue.

I'm of the belief that we are never finished growing or mastering ourselves. If we are doing it right, we will continually fine new places in which there is room to grow, adapt, become better, become more whole.

Self-Mastery is my life's greatest project, and I'm in the business of helping others do reach it, too.


Collaborative work on healing psychological wounds, managing psychological distress, increasing self-regulation skills, improving quality of life, and increasing overall mental health and wellbeing.

1:1 Coaching

Individualized coaching and guidance services where we go on the adventure of exploring your depths, and you receive the support and accountability you need to make lasting changes.

Services + Offers:




Learn about yourself and life in ways and depths you've never experienced before.

There will be live classes, on-demand programs, and supplemental material to help you discover, recover, reclaim, master, and unleash the power of your integrated self.

From guided meditative and visualization exercises, voice message support and encouragement, answers to your questions, to podcasting and video lessons, my voice is here to guide you.

Tools to assist you in self-exploration, actualization, psychoeducation, productivity, strategy, inspiration, and more!



Therapy + Coaching for Therapists

Case Consultation

Private Practice Consultation

Team + Business Development Consultation + Workshops

Clinical Supervision for Licensed Professional Counselor Associates

A Few Client Testimonials

"Since working with Chrystal, I've gotten my life back. I have the tools to get through, understand, and conquer anything life throws at me! It's so empowering and liberating!" - Stephanie

"I've gotten my life back! I mean... I'm still working on it, but things are so much better. I have tools to get through, understand, and conquer whatever I am going through in that moment. Working with Chrystal has been very empowering and liberating."

"So many things have improved for me after working with Chrystal! I think my confidence, career, communication skills and understanding of others have all gotten better. I see myself with clarity, which is so awesome."

"When I think about how I felt with Chrystal, 'at ease' is the first thing to come to mind. She made a very secure and comfortable environment. I quickly felt like it was a true, No Judgment Zone."

"Chrystal, you are amazing!! Keep that shit up!!!!"

"I want you to know that I tell everyone about you! I'm so grateful to the universe that I happened upon you. The last message that you sent me - I read over, and over, and even posted on my IG. I just want to thank you for you being you, And, for the genuine passion and compassion that you dedicate to your life's calling. You're so fabulous!! You are definitely making this world a better place. I appreciate you so much. I'm truly grateful. 🙏🏼"

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My mission as a professional therapist and guide is to go forth and multiply humans who live wholeheartedly through love and kindness – that is to create work that produces whole individuals and powerful mindsets. The focus of my career has been on supporting and helping people heal from their pasts and reclaim their future.

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